Easy WAF bill payment

THE Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) launched its new ‘myBill Info Card’ in conjunction with Post Fiji and Carpenters Fiji Ltd (owners of MHCC outlets) at its national office in Wainivula yesterday.

WAF chief executive officer Opetaia Ravai said that WAF had always focused on enhancing and improving its services to customers.

“This is a direct result of feedbacks from our customers and complaints that some of them don’t receive their bills on time, some don’t receive their bills at all,” Mr Ravai said.

“This has been an ongoing issue and with this card, which has your account number at the back, it’s very convenient because you carry it around with you every day and you can take it to any of our agencies, MHCC or Post Fiji; any of their outlets around the country and they can automatically give you your bill information, amount due and the due dates and you can access this information at any time with our agencies,” Mr Ravai said.

He said if you had a smart phone you just scan the QR code and it gave you direct access to the WAF website where you could access the information you need.

“So not getting your invoice or bills is now a thing of the past,” he said.

He said with the growing technology WAF had attempted to maximise its service delivery through innovations.

“A few months ago we launched the SMS billing service and today we have another exciting product for you.”

Mr Ravai said the most common complaint they received was customers not receiving their bills.

“To assist customers in gaining regular access to their water bills and to avoid disconnections we present you with the myBill Info Card,” he said.

“And we thank Carpenters and Post Fiji for providing these avenues for our customers to go and make their payments,” Mr Ravai said.

Post Fiji CEO Willy Wong said they wanted to thank Water Authority for coming to partnership with Post Fiji in their journey towards enhancing customer services.

“This service being launched today is a giant leap forward in terms of meeting customer expectations and keeping with the times of changes,” he said.

And Carpenters Fiji group IT manager Ravuama Nayago said: “Firstly we want to congratulate Water Authority and its CEO for this initiative; it is an innovative way of moving forward in terms of customer services. When we were approached to work with them we gladly took the task on.”

He said this would not only improve the services for their customers but especially people who visited their stores to pay their bills.

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