Early detection for hearing disabilities

FRANK Hilton Organisation’s (FHO) vision is to ensure early detection and intervention for children who are at risk of acquiring disabilities.

FHO’s chief executive officer Sureni Perera said they understood that 50 per cent of hearing loss was preventable by taking a proactive approach.

For children who have been identified with or at risk of hearing loss, Ms Perera said FHO ensured they received the necessary follow-up treatment and rehabilitation.

“We are also looking to equip children with hearing aids, train the teachers in maintenance and management of hearing aids within their schools and also conduct parent awareness programs.

“We will also attempt to have teacher training workshops on appropriate communication and language development within classrooms to better support children with hearing loss.”

The organisation held screening for hearing and ear health issues at Labasa Special School from February 19-20 and at Nasavusavu Special School on February 21.

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