Early date for trial

A RAPE trial will go ahead sooner than scheduled after dates became free for the High Court in Suva.

On trial is a man alleged to have raped his ‘step-sister’. The court was told that the man’s father and the complainant’s mother were in a de facto relationship, and the matter was reported when the complainant went to stay with her mother.

Justice Salesi Temo told the prosecution and defence that a murder trial which he was to preside over would not be happening.

He said the state prosecution had filed a nolle prosequi and the accused had been discharged thus allowing him to preside over the rape trial.

Justice Temo said if this date would not be taken up by the counsel then the rape trial would take place in 2016.

He added that dates for next year were almost filled up and the court was now issuing dates for 2016. The prosecution and defence agreed to have the trial start on October 20.

The complainant was also called to the court yesterday as Justice Temo wanted her opinion on bail pending trial for the accused.

She said she was scared that the accused might do something to her if let out on bail.

Justice Temo told the accused that he was being remanded but that didn’t mean that the court had made up its mind.

He said the accused was innocent until proven otherwise.