Early celebration for senior citizens

MEMBERS of the Senior Citizens Charitable Trust in Nadi were treated to an early Diwali celebration this week when they marked the festival of lights with Acting Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation Veena Bhatnagar.

The senior citizens were also joined by students of Nadi Special School and children from the Saint Mina and Treasure Homes.

Ms Bhatnagar said the story of Diwali was portrayed with unity shown by the senior citizens and their special guests.

“My message to you today is very much in line with the reason why we celebrate Diwali,” she said.

“The story of Diwali highlights family unity, togetherness, good values, loving one another and standing for justice.

“Even in this era, these traits are what make a complete, fulfilling life for us and our loved ones.

“My ministry looks after the needs of the five most vulnerable segments of the Fijian population — women, children, people with disabilities, older persons and the poor.

“And undoubtedly, in our everyday work we use the principles that come out strongly in the story of Diwali as we promote love and respect for our people when we advocate on rights of women and children and call on their safety and a violence or abuse free life.

“We promote family unity to safeguard the disadvantaged members of the families, we encourage communities to work in solidarity to address social ills, and assist those individuals and families that need that extra support for survival.

“I’m proud to say my ministry encompasses the spirit of Diwali each day.”

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