Dux prize decision queried

A LABASA family has questioned why a school criteria for the dux award prioritises students who were good in sports and music classes.

Narendra Prasad claims his daughter, who attends Lagalaga Sanatan Primary School in Macuata, scored 593 out of 600 in her annual exam, but was not named school dux.

“My daughter, Nitika Nandhani, received top prizes in all her seven subjects and scored a total mark of 593 out of 600 in her annual exam,” he said. “She should have been awarded the Dux prize.

Mr Prasad said the decision was unfair.

School headteacher Rajen Prasad defended the decision.

“There is a criteria that we work on in order to award our students,” he said.

“The two main elements of this criteria is for students to have leadership skills, attendance to be 100 per cent, which was why we awarded our head girl with the dux prize. We awarded Nitika the best student award.”

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