Duvaga: Consistent plans required to improve care

Participants at the Fiji Midwives Conference held at the Royal British Legion Community Center hosted by teenager Joy Clark of International School Suva. Picture: ATU RASEA

Improving midwifery services for Fijian mothers is a goal that needs to be attained and according to retired midwife Sulueti Duvaga, capacity-building and consistent plans are required.

Ms Duvaga was one of the participants at the Midwifery Continuing Education Conference on Wednesday that was organised by Joy Clark, a 16-year-old International Secondary School student and facilitated by two trained midwives from the US.

“We are very thankful for our facilitators coming from a big country to update our midwifery practice,” she said.

“We see that there are some discrepancies but with the information provided, it will allow us as the midwifery society and retired nurses to come up with plans to improve our midwifery practice in Fiji so that we serve our community well and with less maternal and infant deaths.

“With what we are hearing, I believe that there are more caesarean births now than during our time.

“The important thing is how we assess our patients because if you detect early you will treat early and that will reduce the risk of deaths.”

She said some of the retired midwives were called back into the field because of the shortage of staff locally and to also assist other Pacific Island nations with immunisation, COVID-19, and midwifery practice.

“I just came back from Tokelau to assist with COVID preparedness and some have just come back from Vanuatu, Tuvalu, and Samoa, as these places need midwives.”

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