Dutt thankful for family support

Saheel Dutt. Picture: Jessica Savike

A 24-YEAR-old graduate is grateful for his family’s support without whom, he would not have been able to graduate with a Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce from the University of the South Pacific on September 21, 2018.

Saheel Dutt was thankful to his mum Salita Dutt who has played the role of both a mother and father in Mr Dutt’s life while growing up.

He expressed how life was not easy for him growing up in a single-parent family but he acknowledged his older sister Shriti Dutt for always supporting him financially.

Mr Dutt was a proud man today because this was his second graduation.

He had graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2017.

He said it was a struggle balancing both work and school at the same time because he was a full time realtor and had to manage his time well in order to cope with his work.

Mr Dutt said there would be times he would sacrifice his work to take a day off to complete his assignments or to study for exams.

He said he was relieved and blessed that his struggles had paid off.

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