Dust, noise under ‘control’

THE director of Quantum Quarry (Fiji) Ltd, Lui Baikeirewa, says they have noted the concerns of the residents of Qauia Settlement and stressed their machines are state-of-the-art machines that are compliant with sound and dust mitigation, which the residents had raised issues on.

“We have invested in four machines worth $12 million which are modified in such a way that controls dust and noise. It’s good to know the residents have raised their concerns, and we have taken it into account,” says Mr Baikeirewa, who is also the trustee of the Nasevou clan which owns most of the lands leased in Lami.

The director was responding to a petition signed by the residents of Qauia which protested over the setup of the company in their area.

According to the director, the company is in a business partnership with the Nasevou clan who are the landowners. The company intends to operate a stone crushing business.

“Their complaints have been considered but they must realise that we hold lease over the area where we have set up. It has its property rights and it is legitimate.

“Even the residents themselves do not hold a legal title over where they are sitting on.”

When this newspaper visited the area, workers were already setting up the machinery. It is understood the company will conduct a test run of the machine in the next two weeks.

“The stone crusher is a state-of-the-art machine. It’s been catered to mitigate sound and dust. All these were asked by the Mineral Resources Department, which we were able to provide with the blueprint,” said Mr Baikeirewa.

Mr Baikeirewa adds the company has a 10-year lease to drill along the 2.43km river system in the area to extract gravel and basalt rocks which are used for roads, stone walls, curb stones, paving stones etc.

The company hopes to tap the supply market once it is set up.

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