Duru: Opposition Whip making frivolous claims

Social Democratic Liberal Party general secretary Lenaitasi Duru. Picture: FILE

Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) general secretary Lenaitasi Duru has hit out at fellow party member and Opposition Whip Ro Filipe Tuisawau.

Mr Duru’s attack came after Ro Filipe Tuisawau claimed that the termination of contracts of parliamentary caucus staff was designed to undermine preparations for the Opposition Leader’s Office for the last sitting of Parliament.

“Being a person with a human resources background, one would at least expect the Opposition Whip to understand the appointment of staff or officials for our parliamentary arm,” Mr Duru said.

“The staff are employees of the party, and the general secretary is the party agent and employer.

“A clause in the employees’ contract was activated to affect their termination. Ro Filipe’s claims are baseless. “SODELPA had gone through COVID-19 related financial difficulties like every other party since 2020 and our income streams were affected. This includes the ceasing of deductions for party operating costs by MPs like Ro Filipe.

“Again, the Opposition Whip is making frivolous claims and rants because he obviously has not recovered from the court ruling that deemed his unconstitutional appointment as a party president illegal. The court has spoken. He should respect it.”

Mr Duru said executive positions were filled in accordance with the party constitution and the current casual appointments would carry the party to the special general meeting where substantive appointments would be made.

“SODELPA has now grown in strength and purpose.

“We have reclaimed the lost, retained our support base and recruited new converts whilst upholding our vision and mission for a better, prosperous, and free Fiji.

“SODELPA has now forged way ahead of the rest, and we are ready to assume government after these elections, minus the mutineers, from what now seems like ages ago.”

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