Duo tackle mental health through dance

THE Tuinz hip-hop dance duo is ready to take the stage at the first Fiji Fringe Festival this week.

Titled Face, their dance concept will be addressing the mental health issues of men.

“Our concept is on facade and basically just on how men always have to be seen as masculine,” said Tuinz co-founder Adriel Tuivaga.

“We just want to address these issues because this doesn’t only happen here in Fiji, but globally where men have to always be happy and act like they’re fine when really they aren’t.”

Their foundation is based purely on urban dance (open style choreography).

“It is a collaborative style movement of dance. It’s not strictly hip-hop or contemporary, but rather a combination of everything.

“It’s basically implementing all different styles and genres of music into one dance.”

He said the public could expect “a lot of emotion” during their shows.

“Tuinz is trying to create a safe space for expression and just the pushing of boundaries for now and the future.”

Adriel added that, as Tuinz, they hoped to break all stereotypes and encourage this generation and the younger generation that they could turn their struggles and issues into art.

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