Dudley calls for support

THE Dudley High School athletics squad is calling on former students to come and support them during the Coca-Cola Suva Zone One athletics competition at the ANZ Stadium in Suva on Friday.

Team captain Melcuizedek Katafono said since the team were in camp preparation was on track and students had sacrificed a lot in the past weeks.

“We just need our old scholars to support us and help us as we prepare for the zone,” he said.

“We have 80 athletes who will be participating this Friday and we all hope to qualify so that we can take this same number of athletes to the Coca-Cola Games next month.”

Katafono said being given the responsibility to lead the team had been a challenge for him.

“We have students who are taking part for the first time and we have the experienced ones which lessen the burden because they are able to help the new ones.

“One of the most frustrating challenges that I go through is communication. Talking to the athletes sometimes can be hectic because some of them don’t listen and some just wander off doing they own thing.

“Teamwork is important and that is something that I always tell the athletes, without it we cannot achieve our target.”

The Rotuman lad hopes to win gold in the 400metres senior boys event since he settled for a silver medal in last year’s Coke Games.

“Competition is tough and I expect more strong runners in this year’s competition but I am ready for that, we all are,” Katafono said.

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