Dry spell taking its toll

Nagigi farmer Din Dayal feed his sheep with paragrass he got from nearby creeks and rivers. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

THE impact of the dry period has also claimed sheep, goats and cattle in Nagigi outside Labasa, forcing owners to sell the livestock.

Farmer Din Dayal said he had lost eight sheep and a goat over the past two months.

“It’s difficult for me because this dry weather is beyond my control and I can’t spare any water from the supply I receive from Water Authority of Fiji,” he said.

“Even though at times I have supplied water for my sheep and goats, it’s not enough and the grass is dead so I have to look for their food.

“We are really suffering and these goats and sheep were found dead in my farm. Some farmers have had to sell their livestock to save it from dying.”

Nagigi advisory councillor Rishi Chand said the situation had become unbearable for some residents.

“This dry season has affected us for a few months and the residents in this area know how difficult it is when we face water shortages such as this,” he said.

“Our water source in the area has dried up and sometimes people have to go out of their own way in search of water if their supply does not last. “Every year during the dry season we face this problem and the residents are badly affected.”

Mr Chand, who is also the manager of Nagigi Primary School, said the water supply to students had been well organised by the Ministry of Education. “The children get their water almost every day so they are good with their supply,” he said.

“The constant supply of water has helped the students to remain in school the whole day and this is good.

“But the residents are facing the brunt of this dry season and we hope water supply can be increased.”

Water Authority of Fiji general manager customer services Sekove Uluinayau assured his team provided clean water and improved sanitation to all Fijians.

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