Drugs hunt

ANOTHER football player linked to drugs was suspended by the Fiji Football Association during the 2017 Inkk Battle of the Giants tournament at Subrail Park in Labasa over the weekend.

Fiji FA chief executive officer Mohammed Yusuf said the player would be re-tested after one month.

“We are happy the players are adhering to the warning and out of the 53 tests being conducted, one has been tested positive,” he said.

“It was during the pool matches where he was tested positive.”

Yusuf said players should take football seriously and not include drugs in the sport.

“He had admitted and has been banned for a month,” he said.

“If he comes out clean then there will be no further actions but if he is tested positive then he will be taken off from football and he will face the disciplinary committee.

“It is a good sign the message is going across to the players that we need to be clean in football and players should not play football with drugs in their system.”

He said this was a way for Fiji FA to keep youths away from bad habits.

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