Drug war

It is encouraging to read the Assistant Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu’s no nonsense stance in the police war against drugs which includes marijuana (FT 22/1).

Despite calls by some Fijians to legalise marijuana in Fiji, it is inspiring to hear him say that the Fiji Police Force did not support the call to legalise marijuana in Fiji and that the force’s role is to ensure the safety of all Fijians.

“Why do some insist on legalising drugs when the impact is known in Fiji, where innocent people have fallen victims to murder and rape because the perpetrator was high on drugs.”

This, coming from the Assistant Commissioner of Police should be a wake-up call to all Fijians to say “no” to drugs including marijuana.

When our family members and loved ones end up in the street gutters, in mental hospitals or in the mortuary, those who deal in drugs and those who call for its legalisation don’t care or give a damn.

Similarly, as revealed by the Assistant Commissioner of Police, they don’t care when your innocent loved ones are raped or even murdered by one who is high on drugs.

It is good that the police have taken the war on drugs to the “skies” in the purchase of drones to complement the deployment of resources on the ground.

If we, right thinking and responsible Fijians, care about our own people, then let us join the police by being their extra eyes and ears on the ground, in this fight to root out drugs including marijuana in Fiji.

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