Drue’s positive outlook on life

DRUE Slatter says she is still “work in progress”. She has a Japanese middle name and a lover of poetry. A down to earth person, she first grabbed people’s attention when she represented Mai Life Magazine at the 2011 Hibiscus Pageant as a 19-year-old.

There was huge pressure but she pulled it off perfectly with her eloquence, earning her the Miss Hibiscus title.

Slatter is the news presenter for television network Fiji One. She took time off her busy schedule to speak to The Sunday Times about her aspirations in life.

Age: 24

Lives in: Suva

Describe yourself: I’m a work in progress. I think in your 20s, you’re still growing and developing your sense of self, so a description would be hard. But at the moment, I can confidently say that I am loyal, practical and very indecisive.

What is the greatest challenge

you have had to overcome in your life?

Our greatest challenges are often very private and personal ones. Mine is a turbulent family history and overcoming self-worth issues.

What has been the most important

innovation you have witnessed in

your lifetime?

Most important? I couldn’t say. But I’m thankful every day for cloud computing, which wasn’t really invented in my lifetime, but definitely made more accessible. This probably sounds kind of shallow, but not losing data is wonderful, haha.

Tell us something that

might surprise us about you?

I have a Japanese middle name, for no reason, really. I have no Japanese heritage. But my best friend is Japanese and my partner now lives in Japan, so maybe my parents had some foresight.

I am obsessed …. with love. I absolutely love “love”. Love for my mother, love for one’s faith, love for my little brother, love for my partner, love for my country, love for a good glass of red wine. I’ve only recently begun to understand the complexities of truly fearless love and it is so refreshing to not feel things half-heartedly.

I can’t live without … my smartphone, unfortunately. It’s become a necessity for work and staying up to date. Maybe one day I’ll be able to detach myself from it, but at the moment it’s glued to me.

I am proud of … my family. We’ve been through a bit and had ups and downs. The fact that we continue to embody love and lightheartedness, and have a positive outlook on everything makes me so proud of the tribe that I have around me.

Wish I could change … my height! Haha. I am both the eldest and the shortest of my siblings and just a couple more inches in height would be wonderful.

Really need to … cut the habit of procrastinating. It is a flaw that I know needs work. Every single moment is a one-time opportunity and I think I take that for granted when I put things off.

Can’t handle it … when people are dishonest. I’m not saying that I am a vision of honestly, but I just find lies extremely insulting.

I look back and … remind myself not to regret anything. Regret is a cunning emotion that creeps up on you and drains your energy and enthusiasm. Whatever it is that you regret, you can’t change, so I need to remind myself to stay free of it.

I relax by … going home to Sigatoka for a weekend or opening up a bottle of Merlot and listening to Nina Simone.

I am excited about … young people taking charge. It’s happening slowly but surely and it’s happening everywhere. It’s a grave time to be alive but it’s also a great time to watch the youth (of Fiji and of the world) flourish in the face of adversity.

Biggest weakness … dark chocolate, humble men and red wine. I think this is the third time I’ve mentioned wine so there you go.

List of favourite things … there are so many. The ocean, fluffy pillows, sturdy flipflops, Pablo Neruda poetry, my sunglasses, the list goes on really.

Opinion on the state of the world … it is a turbulent time, both for the planet and for its population. Sometimes I want to pat humanity on the back and other times I want to shake them senseless. But I’m optimistic, we have to be, don’t we?

Mother always told me … to be positive. It was her most constant piece of advice that what has been planned for you shall not pass you by.

My attitude to exercise … It is an on-and-off relationship. It is so important and so rewarding. I just wish I had the willpower to stick to it more.

My relationship with my body … has also been a strange one. Those close to me know I grew through many self-esteem issues regarding my body but it’s better. Learning slowly to worship and care for the vessel I’ve been given.

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