Drua plans for 2018

FIJI Airways Drua head coach Senirusi Seruvakula believes more hard work needs to be done for the team to win the PRC competition.

He, however, praised the performance of his gallant warriors who stunned a few Australian professional teams to secure a semi-final spot in just their first year of competition.

Seruvakula said this year’s competition was a huge learning curve for the team.

“This is a great achievement for Fiji rugby —— just our first year and we managed to reach the semi-final,” he said.

“What we should have in our minds is we are playing against players who depend on rugby for bread and butter while for us we have fulltime employment and some unemployed players who only train when we bring them together in camp.

“We are playing against professional teams and in the semi-final yesterday we played against the Queensland Reds.”

Seruvakula said next year’s preparation must be well-planned should Fiji needed to reach the final.

“We have to put out a plan that best suit us for next year’s competition, if not, we will just fall in the last round.

“We need to have the competition start early and have the players available when we come to the finals.

“It is a learning experience for all of us as coaches and players and we can just step up for next year.”

He said there should be a pathway mapped out for local players before the commencement of the competition.

“We just need to have the resources and the competition to be tougher,” Seruvakula said.

“Everyone should go through the high performance unit or the pathways and to have the right environment for these players and the coach to be selected before the Skipper Cup so we can have an extended squad then the right people to be on the extended squad to cover for injuries or discipline reasons instead of calling someone in the last minute.

“There is a lot of work to be done if we want to be in the final next year.”

Senirusi commended the players for their sacrifices made and also thanked their families for the never ending support throughout the competition.

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