Drought kills livestock

TWO hundred and eighty livestock have so far died this year in the Bua Province, the Ministry of Agriculture confirmed.

Speaking at the Dama district meeting yesterday, senior agricultural officer Bua Ilisoni Banuve said this was the direct result of the prolonged dry weather conditions experienced in the North.

Mr Banuve said the dry conditions had not only affected the livestock but also the farms in the province.

He said while the weather condition was something beyond their control, he only hoped the farmers would continue to take good care of their livestock and farms.

With occasional showers experienced in the North over the past three days, Mr Banuve said it was a blessing for farmers and a glimpse of hope for them.

He said they could now store water for their livestock and also water their vegetable and root crop farms.

He said the dry conditions also affected the supply of dalo for export from the province.

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