Drought fear

Veena Kumari shows a near by well dried up at Barotu Rakiraki. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

PEOPLE living in Ra fear that if there is no rain soon, the impact of the dry weather on their livestock, crops and lives will worsen.

Calves unable to handle the heat have died, cattle are dying and crops are withering away as the dry season enters its third month. Residents and villagers of the Ra Province have not been able to escape the heatwave and watch in despair while their farms crack under the pressure of the unrelenting sun.

The parched landscape littered with blackened spots from fires and dried up water systems have become a norm as retold by the worst affected.

Residents fear the worst as the dry weather continues to affect livelihoods.

*Read detailed reports from farmers in Ra impacted by the harsh dry weather experienced across the Western Division in today’s The Fiji Times and on our e-edition. 

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