Drop-outs return to school

AFTER five years since dropping out of high school, more than eight youths from the Labasa Youth District Council have returned to vocational schools in the North to continue with their education.

Macuata youth administrator Shalendra Vishwa of the Ministry of Youth and Sports said they had assisted youths to continue with their education.

“Most of our members have dropped out of high school since Year 9 and Year 10 while few of them are illiterate,” he said.

Mr Vishwa said most of those youths had stayed home for more than five years.

“Many of them did not have any hope of returning to school and had no idea of the vocational centres,” he said.

“Through their work and commitment with the youth clubs, they were able to go back to school.”

Mr Vishwa said their aim was to educate youths every year.

“Apart from getting our youths back to school, we also have community projects that we work on, clean-up campaigns and we also do fundraising so we can financially support our youths when they return to school,” he said.

“The two training centres we send them to are Youth Training Centre Naqere in Savusavu where they can do certificates in carpentry and Youth Training Centre Naleba to do certificate in agricultural studies.”

Mr Vishwa said the youths, who graduated from the centres, were qualified to continue their studies at the University of the South Pacific.

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