Drop in illegal taxi operators

The Fiji Taxi Association has warned its members not to be involved in any illegal activities. Picture: FT FILE/REINAL CHAND

THERE has been a drastic decrease in the number of illegal taxi operators in Lautoka.

Fiji Taxi Association president Raben Singh revealed this was a result of a continued partnership forged with the Fiji Police Force in curbing illegal operators.

“There are very less private cars doing illegal operations now and this has given a fair chance to zone and base tax owners,” Mr Singh said.

“Police are also patrolling every day and night on the streets and they are curbing illegal taxi operations and we salute them for this.

“We have also seen an increase in police motorbikes and patrol cars on the streets of Lautoka and it’s assisting us a lot.”

Mr Singh said the continued assistance from police had driven illegal operators away from the streets of Lautoka and gave chances to licensed taxidrivers who worked hard to earn themselves a permit.

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