Drones used in aerial survey

UNMANNED aerial vehicle (UAV) drones are being used by the Pacific Community (SPC) to survey coastal areas and areas affected by natural disasters in the Pacific.

SPC’s senior geodetic surveyor Andrick Lal said through this surveys, they would be able to assist Pacific people respond to the challenges they were facing.

“Our goal is to help the Pacific Island people position themselves and respond effectively to the challenges they face,” Mr Lal said.

“It is very important for us to address illegal fishing and monitoring of coastal zones as it is a part of our daily lives,” he said.

“When we bridge the gap between science and technology, we have to talk about decisions that are not only related to science but also political strategy, cultural aspect, finance and even land ownership’s support from the community.”

UAV surveys have to be effectively produced and according to Mr Lal, these surveys do not only entail the flying of drones but also the accuracy of data sets being produced by UAV drones.

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