Drone found

The Guam Department of Corrections was investigating whether drones had been used to smuggle contraband into prisons after one was found at its main facility.

The Guam Daily Post reported the discovery was the latest in a string of 26 cases being investigated involving the movement of drugs, cellphones and other contraband into the island’s main prison this year.

The drone was found on Friday by prison officers at the facility in Mangilao during a routine perimetre check.

Authorities, believing the drone had crashed, conducted a wider search, but did not find any contraband or any sign of who had been operating the drone.

A shakedown of housing unit where the drone had crashed did not yield any contraband, according to the department. In a statement, Guam’s corrections director Kate Baltazar said there was an internal investigation.

The Guam Daily Post also reported a similar investigation into another smuggling incident in February resulted in federal charges being laid.

The charges were against a 48-year-old former corrections officer, Ronald Pereira, who allegedly tried to distribute meth to prisoners using boxes of Pop-Tarts.

A former staff for the local Attorney-General’s office, Joaquin Cruz Reyes, was also charged for allegedly trying to smuggle meth into the prison just a day before Mr Pereira was arrested.

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