Drinking in public

Recently in Fiji there has been an upsurge of incidents of persons drinking alcohol in public places at all times of the day and night, especially on weekends, leading to disorderly behaviour and potential ensuing criminal activities including break-ins, drug use, rape and prostitution.

We live on the foreshore of Laucala Beach, and nearly every weekend groups of men, women and youth come and have drinking parties making noise until early hours of the morning.

I am staying with my two young children and we feel very unsafe even going out in our yard.

Previously, in such situations we could call the police and they would come and dismiss these decadent activities.

However, now the police inform us that there are new laws allowing people to drink alcohol in public places, and they are powerless to do anything.

We very strongly feel that this amendment to the law is very much against public peace and order, and humbly request the Attorney-General’s Office that drinking in public places be made illegal for the concern of the safety and wellbeing or law-abiding citizens of this country. Recent increases in such criminal acts as burglaries, assault and rape could be directly linked to the current laxity of public drinking laws.

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