Drifting away from mission

CIVIL Society Organisations are at risk of drifting away from their true mission and moving towards appeasing the whims of organisations that provide funding.

This was highlighted by executive director of the Pacific Islands Association for non-governmental organisations (NGO) Emele Duituturaga at the 2nd Fiji CSOs Accountability Workshop in Suva last week.

She said part of the reason CSOs were redirecting focus was because donors priorities often change.

“So sometimes there’s a conflict between what the donors want to fund and what the country’s priorities will fund,” Ms Duituturaga said

“So those of us that are involved in this business will know that there are tensions between what the communities need and what the donors want to fund.”

Fiji Council of Social Services executive director Neil Maharaj said CSOs had always been pressured to strengthen their accountability.

“From Fiji’s perspective, there has been growing pressure from the Government, the donors and all our partners at international level that we need to strengthen our accountability and transparency processes,” he said.

Discussions at the workshop also centred on consultations on the Zero Draft Code of Accountability which is a proposed guiding tool to be used by CSOs to ensure consistency of practice, transparency and accountability within NGOs.

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