Dreketi College student’s Constitution essay wins return Sydney trip

DREKETI Central College student Priya Darshani Karan won herself a return trip for two to Sydney, Australia, after winning the 2018 Constitution Day Essay competition in Labasa yesterday.

In her 500-word essay, Priya explained how the Constitution has helped her and her family.

“Chapter two [2]: 11[1-2] of the Constitution has enabled my family to live peacefully in society. Freedom from cruel and degrading treatment is guaranteed so our social life in the village, at work and even in school is a safe and enjoyable one. This is one way the Constitution has benefitted my family,” she wrote.

Priya also wrote that another way the constitution had benefitted her family was through the right given to education, made possible through the free education grants and the availability of free transport.

“My parents find it easier to pay for my school needs like purchasing a quality school bag. Moreover, I am confident of completing my education because of the available tertiary education assistance. Without these guarantees, my education would be put at risk,” she wrote.

The high school student also acknowledged access to free health services, which she said her parents benefitted from.

Joselyn Neha Mani of Naleba College won an S9 Mobile phone as the second prize, while Duavata Secondary School’s Milika Soso won a J5 Mobile Phone and a Walesi Setup box as her third prize.

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