Dream game

Fiji Bati versus the Kangaroos! It’s the talk of the town! Even though I’ve lived here in Oz for 34 years I’m backing the Bati to win – just so Allen can have his six large.

It’ll be a hard fought battle of the polished Australians with an in-depth pool of legendary rugby League greats probably playing their last few games together.

4800 seconds will determine who’ll go into the grand final.

Can Fiji do it? I believe yes – if they play like their lives depend on it. The Aussies won’t be a pushover.

They play like a well-oiled machine – every second, every step, every tackle, every move has been choreographed to the tenth degree by this outstanding outfit coached by another legend of the game, Mal Meninga.

The Bati will need to pull out all stops and go for it with everything they’ve got without conceding errors – because the Kangas will capitalise on any and every mistake.

Fiji has come a long way since they played the 3 nations warm-up match in Suva and they are sharper and hungrier than ever.

What has struck a chord with the world is the brotherhood of the Fijian pack with their stirring Hymns and the inclusion of the opposing team in their after-match thanks-giving.

Win or lose, Fiji can stand proud of it’s amazing achievements both on and of the pitch.

So come Friday night, like you with my heart in my mouth, I will be praying for a Fijian win.

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