Dreadful road

Having just spent more than $1000 on repairs to my car’s steering and suspension systems, I make no apology for once again using your columns to highlight the dreadful state of the Khalsa Rd between Princes Rd and Kanace Rd.

I seem to recall that in the last budget we were promised funds to upgrade the three main links between Princes Rd and the Kings Rd, namely Mead, Cunningham and Khalsa roads.

The first two are not in bad condition but the top end of Khalsa Rd is still riddled with potholes which have to be repaired after every period of heavy rain.

As I have previously stated here, it’s a complete waste of time and money.

The job needs doing properly with a complete re-surfacing, as has already been done from the Princes Rd junction to just past the school. When my poor car finally falls apart and I need to take the bus, at least the FRA has provided some lovely new bus shelters at the top of Khalsa Rd to keep me dry!

Good to see that my wheel tax money is being well spent.

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