Drawing board moment

Out of the whole disappointed nation after our 7s silver medal finish at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, no one would be more gutted than the team and coach themselves.

However, we read in the dailies of some sporting administrators and coaches satisfied with the effort shown by their individual teams after their dismal performances. In yesterday’s FT (16/04), two lines that caught my attention, “future plans” and “the need to regroup”.

One gaping question that needs to be raised is “are our sporting teams and athletes trained to compete or participate?”

Teams and athletes need to realise the hard truth about their performances and know where they stand prior to going and embarrassing themselves on the world scene.

Regrouping, back to the drawing board, a great achievement from a small nation, honoured to be part of the team I believe are all petty reinforcements to try and justify them being part of the games.

The realisation must dawn on the top sporting administrators at FASANOC House that the drawing board was always in the room, I believe the only setback was that the wrong plans were on the board.

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