Dr Waqainabete: No intention to record any second wave of COVID-19 in Fiji

Fiji's Minister for Health and Medical Services Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete. Picture: FT FILE

“We do not intend to record any second wave of COVID-19 cases in Fiji,” says Health Minister Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete.

He said the onus was on everyone to play their part in making sure they adhered to the hygiene and social distancing protocols that were in place.

“The possibility of the second wave of COVID-19, you see it around the world, we intend not to have a second wave and that is the intention of every country,” Dr Waqainabete said.

“Our intention is that we don’t want a second wave but we want everybody to do their part to be able to break the chain of this COVID-19.

“We can do contact tracing, we can identify.

“But, for example, if someone is being contact traced and identified but that person still jumps ship and interacts with other people, he or she will be putting those people at risk.

“Right around the world, the pandemic continues, WHO hasn’t called it off.

“Right around the world, there are countries that have re-emergence of the disease so they’ve done well and the disease has come back.

“We’ve got this COVID-19 atmosphere that is happening around the world and because of that, we need to continue to make sure that we have good personal hygiene habits in place so that we continue to break the chain of the spread of COVID-19.”

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