Dr Rauto urges Fijians to ‘give a pint and save a life’

Participants during the World Blood Donor Day celebration at Albert Park in Suva last week. Picture: RAMA

Colonial War Memorial Hospital acting medical superintendent Dr Luisa Cikamatana Rauto is urging Fijians to “give a pint and save a life”.

She said this while speaking at the closing of the World Blood Donor Day celebration last week.

Dr Rauto said blood shortages were particularly acute in low and middle-income countries.

She said the need for blood was universal, but access to blood for those who needed it was not.

“To ensure that everyone who needs transfusion has access to safe blood, all countries need voluntary, unpaid blood donors who give blood regularly,” she said.

Dr Rauto said an effective blood donor program, characterised by wide and active participation of the population was crucial in meeting the need of blood transfusion during peace time, emergencies or disasters, when there was a surge in demand for blood or when the normal operation of blood services was affected.

“While an enabling social and cultural atmosphere with strong solidarity facilitates development of an effective blood donor program, it is also widely acknowledged that the act of blood donation contributes to generating social ties and building a united community.”

She said every pint of blood donated would enable someone to survive either today or in the future.

“There is a need for regular blood donation due to the short shelf life of blood components, like red cells, plasma and platelets, use for patients for various treatments with specific conditions.”

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