DPP: 58 charged for criminal offences in September

A 21-YEAR-old woman was charged with arson after she allegedly set fire to her father-in-law’s house.

This was revealed in a statement sent by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for serious crimes committed in the month of September.

The office of the DPP stated that a total of 58 people were charged with a total of 92 counts of separate incidents last month.

The incidents included attempted murder, aggravated robbery, trafficking in persons, obtaining property by deception, money laundering, possession of controlled chemicals, and act with intent to cause grievous harm.

It was also stated that out of the 48 victims, there were three incidents where foreign nationals were robbed.

The office of the DPP said there was one incident where a 32-year-old man assaulted his defacto partner and allegedly raped her, while in another incident two sisters were charged with trafficking in persons, obtaining property by deception and money laundering.

It was also stated that the sisters allegedly facilitated the travel of 17 Fijians into New Zealand who were exploited and became victims of human trafficking.

There was also an incident where four men were charged with false representation to get a benefit.

It is alleged that they made false representations and falsely received grants from the government under the Homes Care assistance.

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