Double celebration: Mother and son-in-law graduate

Diploma in IT recepient Maloni Savike (left) hugs his mother-in-law who also graduated with during the FNU graduation ceremony at FMF Gymnasium. Picture: RAMA

AS hundreds graduated with their honours from the Fiji National University (FNU) last week, a mother and her son-in-law stood quietly surrounded by their family members at the FMF Gymnasium in Suva.

With a happy face, Maloni Kilioni Savike hugged and congratulated his mother-in-law, Janifa Bibi, who in turn did the same to him.

Maloni graduated with a Diploma in IT and networking while Janifa a Diploma in Human Resources.

Maloni, who hails from Rotuma, said it was his wife Jessica Maloni’s encouragement that made him pursue his education. “It was a challenge — juggling school, work and family,” said the father of one.

“Financially, my wife, mum and dad supported me and I am indebted to them.”

His wife, Jessica, was all smiles beside them. She said her husband and mother served as an inspiration to many Fijians.

“I remember Maloni staying up late at night after a hard day at work to complete his assignments.

“I used to sit with him every night to proofread his assignments which showed the effort that was put in by him to accomplish his goals.

“Mum would always have a positive attitude towards her work and school and she never showed us a dull moment.

“She always told us that it may be hard but it is not impossible to reach your goals.

“I am very proud of their achievements as they have sacrificed a lot to get to where they are today. ”

Her mother, Janifa, who works for Fiji Ports Terminal, said it was her employer that encouraged her to study.

“I am blessed to have my four children by my side, and giving support.

“It was a challenge at first but I managed to do it.

“I would like thank my employer at Fiji Ports Terminal for their encouragement — they were supportive throughout.

“My advice to others is don’t let age discourage you from getting that diploma, degree or even masters — set a goal and work towards it,” the 52-year-old grandmother said.

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