Donors help ministry restock blood

Caregivers Training Institute and Being Helping Hands Fiji members with Ministry of Health and Medical Services staff members during the blood donation drive at Koroivoli Park in Nadi. Picture: NAVNESH REDDY

As many as 40 blood donors helped the Ministry of Health and Medical Services restock their blood bank after a blood donation drive last Saturday at Koroivoli Park in Nadi.

Organised by Being Helping Hands Fiji (BHHF) and Caregivers Training Institute (CTI), the event was assisted by staff members from the Health Ministry.

BHHF Nadi co-ordinator Shaniel Raj said the initiative not only helped increase blood stock in hospitals, it also gave the public the opportunity to get a free checkup.

Caregivers Training Institute representative Vimo Vijayata said many people were unaware of their own blood type.

“When hospitals request for donors, people don’t know what blood group they belong to, so all those that have donated, once lab tests of the blood group is completed, they would be informed of their respective blood groups.”

Institute co-ordinator Swati Nair said the response to the drive was positive.

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