Domo Vou Talei: A song from the heart

Domo Vou Talei finalist Jerome Tauleka recording his song entry. Picture: RAMA

Sometimes, the best songs are the ones that come from the heart.

Jerome Tauleka’s entry into the Domo Vou Talei song contest Au Nanumi Iko is one of those tunes.

The 25-year-old from Namosi shared how he composed the song about a friend who tragically drowned.

For someone not conversant in the iTaukei vernacular, I could feel the pain and heartache of loss in every word.

Such was his emotive delivery.

“So the girlfriend wanted me to write a song to commemorate his death and the lyrics of the song is basically her sharing her emotions,” he said.

“I wrote the song in half a day and I’ve always had an interest in music, it’s a passion.”

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