Domo says Steelers face reality check

Action from the match between Lami Steelers Vs Resonance Kinoya Sea Eagles. Picture: Eastern State Rugby League

Former Fiji Bati and current Lami Steelers head coach Viliame Domo commended the Resonance Kinoya Sea Eagles for their outstanding performance against his side during the Fiji national Rugby League Eastern State Championship on Saturday.

Despite losing 16-14 to the Steelers, the Sea Eagles were much smaller in size compared with it opponents, but were able to give the giants from Lami a run for their money.

“Hats off to the Sea Eagles for giving us a very tough game last Saturday. Eventhough they are much smaller in size compared with the players in my team, they were able to execute their phases decently,” Domo said.

He also mentioned that there was a reason why the team was in the top three of the competition and should not be taken lightly just because of the players’ sizes.

“They played well, starting the game well and leading 10-0 at halftime.”

Domo said this was a reality check for his side, as they would be preparing themselves for an uphill battle when they face Serua Dragons this weekend.

“I think the boys underestimated the Sea Eagles and didn’t stick to our game plan throughout the match.

“We relied more on our forwards and were unable to put more points on the board like we expected to. We have gone over this with the boys so we’re back to our playbook preparing for the Dragons.

“They are a very strong team as well, so we will be expecting a strong battle this Saturday. I think it will be discipline, to be able to maintain composure during a very pressured game is something we need to work on.”

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