Doctor urges checks for prostate

MEN have been encouraged to not be complacent and be screened for prostate cancer.

Following the Movember march held in Lautoka yesterday, chief guest, Dr Ilikini Naitini said prostate cancer was a difficult subject to discuss even among males.

“It seems to be a taboo topic for men and I guess this whole creating awareness process has helped,” he said. “I have had four men come in and ask questions about the ailment and have requested for check- ups which is good.

“Previously you would hardly have males voluntarily come up to get checked.”

Dr Naitini said there was no one specific symptom for prostate cancer.

“The symptoms vary from difficulty in urination or blood in the urine and sometimes excessive weight loss.

“But we strongly advise that if the men feel that there’s something wrong with them then they need to go to the hospital for checks.

“That’s the take home message from today (yesterday), go get checked, there’s nothing to be ashamed of,” he said.

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