Diwali celebrated with new hopes, good wishes

THE Fiji Times news teams were deployed to the usual Diwali rounds on Sunday night to capture moments and reports of the festival of lights from around the country.

Fireworks lit the skies in the Northern Division amid very light drizzles, and fancy Diwali lights flickering from porches, roofs and windows of some homes, and even trees in their compounds.

The Sagar family of Ritova St in Labasa celebrated Diwali in a more traditional way.

Sanjeet Sagar said their family had a norm they followed to wear their wedding suit they wore 19 years ago on every Diwali festival.

“Every year, we wear our wedding attire and for us, this is a symbol of renewal of vows and we will keep this tradition going until death do us part,” Mr Sagar said.

But in the Western and Central Eastern divisions, heavy rain experienced yesterday that went on until late in the night failed to keep people indoors.

In Suva, fireworks continued, lights of various colours and shapes in some homes turned heads as people admired the display.

For 13-year-old Riddhi Prasad, Diwali marks a new year for her and her family.

“This is the only time of the year where we as a family can come together and celebrate achievements through the year and at the same time look forward to another prosperous year,” Riddhi said.

“Apart from the sweets, dresses and the fun, the festival means different things to everyone but how we take those messages and use them in our everyday life matters and it can go a long way.”

And in Lautoka, the Chand family of Vuda Back Rd celebrated the festival despite the rain.

Mr Chand said the family was still recovering from Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston when they lost their home and were slowly rebuilding a new house.

“Despite everything, we still wanted to celebrate Diwali,” he said.

Many households in the Western Division that were impacted by Winston earlier this year chose not to celebrate the festival.

Here are some pictures captured on Sunday night from around the country.

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