District discusses fire problem

PEOPLE of Bua have been warned against starting unnecessary fires as a hefty penalty awaits those who are found guilty.

Speaking during the Dama District meeting at Tavulomo Village on Friday, Bua Provincial Council office conservation officer Eferemo Christopher said it was important for people not to start fires that would cause mayhem later.

Mr Christopher said penalties for those found guilty of the offence included a $10,000 fine, a three-month jail term or both.

With the prolonged dry weather conditions experienced in the North and some other parts of Fiji, he said there was a need for people to be responsible towards their actions.

Mr Christopher said fires not only had a huge impact on the environment but also the livelihoods of people and other living creatures.

He said bare land and hills were notable in parts of Bua because of uncontrollable fires, something Mr Christopher believed could have been controlled if people were cautious and more responsible.