Disputes: 51 per cent feel State should get involved

GOVERNMENT should be involved in industrial disputes to find a resolution, a Tebbutt-Times poll has revealed.

The poll asked people whether the Government should be involved when there are lock-outs or strikes or ongoing disputes involving workers.

About 51 per cent feel the Government should, 28 per cent think it should not, while 21 per cent had no opinion or were undecided.

However, of those polled, the thought that parties should be left alone to resolve their differences were carried more by those in the Central Division.

The poll conducted in February with 1046 persons from around the country also asked the question on whether the working conditions in the country had improved in the past five years.

Again, 51 per cent thought it had while 17 per cent believed conditions had worsened and 25 per cent felt there had been no change.

About 6 per cent were undecided.

Weirdly enough or not, those who thought the conditions have improved were more likely to be living in the rural areas.

Less than half or 47 per cent of those interviewed who lived in an urban area thought working conditions had improved.

Those of iTaukei descent were less likely to agree that conditions had improved with only 47 per cent saying so during the poll.

While 61 per cent of Fijians with Indian descent said the conditions had improved.

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