Discussions ongoing with stakeholders on use of student e-Transport card

E-ticketing console. Picture: FT FILE/TIMOCI VULA

THE Ministry of Education is still having discussions with Vodafone and the Fiji Bus Operators Association (FBOA) regarding the use of subsidised cards until 4.30pm.

This was revealed by the Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts Rosy Akbar while responding to a question that was raised by this newspaper regarding the use of subsidised cards by students, especially for those who take part in extracurricular activities in their school.

During the national budget announcement last month, Government announced that subsidised cards for students were being abused by both parent and student – and as a result, Government will restrict the use of the card to 4.30pm.

“We’ve had a few meetings with Vodafone, Fiji Bus Operators Association (FBOA) but  haven’t come to a conclusion as to how it will work but there has been some recommendations put forward, which we should be able to finalise maybe in a couple of weeks,” Ms Akbar said.

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