Discussion on PNG law and order set for July

PNG Attorney-General Davis Steven. Picture: POST COURIER

PORT MORESBY – A major discussion on social issues including human trafficking, gender based violence, corruption, sorcery among others will take place in July following concerns on the increase on breakdown of law and order in Papua New Guinea.

The minister for Justice and Attorney General Steven Davis is confident the coming summit with participation from all social sector agencies will set the fundamentals to, ‘find a new PNG.’

“The information on the summit will follow as a baseline to a national response on crime prevention, reviewing of the white paper policy and future planning purposes,” he said.

Steven said an achievement on all law and order issues could come from lobbying like-minded Papua new Guineans in all sectors to create change.

“I am confident there are enough Papua New Guineans who appreciate that we have a serious issue facing us that our nation is not moving in the way it should have and in the direction it should have and is not achieving the outcomes we want,” he said.

Commenting on outright human rights abuses including burning of those believed to be practicing sorcery to smallest lawless acts that Papua New Guineans consider and accept as normal, Steven has said, “That’s not a society we want.

“Parents are finding that their children are no longer as disciplined as they ought to be and we need the policemen to go and bring discipline into communities, this is a society that’s a far cry from where we were before only 20 years ago.”

The summit theme, “rethink challenges and working towards better Papua New Guinea,” is marked for July and will seek views and opinions and share experiences from individuals, government organisations, groups, and stakeholders involved in the fight against crime.

The current human rights statistics show PNG to have performed poorly in the international platform as reported by 2018 Human Rights Watch, but the minister is not keen on a summit based “statistics” with numbers rather he has said to look beyond the statistics and see what can be done.

“As a minister in charge of this portfolio I don’t want us to be negative I don’t want us to be talking down on ourselves that’s why I’m talking about ideas of a better Papua New Guinea,” he said.

Steven said law and order can be achieved without the usual blame on the leaders and that the society needs to make a conscience decision, “Work is happening but every one of us needs to make a commitment on what is right,” he said.

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