Discoloured tap water, Nadi and Lautoka residents advised to boil drinking water

Boil your drinking water for at least one minute to make sure it is free from bacteria. Picture: FILE

THE Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) has advised customers and residents in parts Nadi and Lautoka to boil drinking water as a precautionary measure.

This after the residents in the areas are experiencing discoloured water in their taps.

WAF general manager customer services, Sekove Uluinayau said they were working to eliminate the presence of discoloured water in the Nadi and Lautoka water system.

The water system in these areas are fed from the Nagado Water Treatment Plant.

“To the residents on Nadi and Lautoka, please boil all drinking water if you experience any discolored water (pale to brownish) in your taps – this is only a precautionary measure, based on continuous laboratory tests by the Authority, water released from the Nagado Water Treatment Plant is safe for human consumption,” explained Mr Uluinayau.

WAF had detected an increase of iron and manganese at the Nagado Water Treatment Plant from raw water sourced from the Vaturu Dam and is working to decrease these levels.

“We have put in place aeration systems to pump in oxygen to decrease the levels of iron and manganese at the water source in the Vaturu Dam and at the Nagado Water Treatment Plant’s inlet chamber where we are also applying pre and post chlorination at the plant as well as regular flushing of the reticulation system,” said Mr Uluinayau.

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