Discipline is the key for Chiefs

DISCIPLINE will be the key for the Central Chiefs team if they want to win the Kinton women’s final for the Raka 7s at the ANZ Stadium today.

Technical adviser Unaisi Vatulili said they were well prepared when they came in to this tournament but there were a few mistakes that led them to lose one of their games.

“Some of the mistakes they made were miss tackles and them not following the instructions given from us that cost us the game,” she said.

“What we discussed before the game which was our game plan they didn’t follow it when they went in to play.

“Another downfall that we faced was our defence, we don’t have a strong defence and we’ll try to work on it before the quarter-finals tomorrow (today).”

She added that they needed to limit their mistake when it came to the quarters because they would be facing tough teams such as Marist Seahawks.

“Marist is one of the strong team’s and we need to be careful when playing against them.

“They have experienced players and majority of national players and I know they will use their techniques to gain as much points as they can but what comes down is that we will need to work on our defence.”

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