Disaster readiness ‘is imperative’

EARLY disaster preparation is imperative, says permanent secretary for the Ministry of Rural, Maritime Development and National Disaster Meleti Bainimarama.

Speaking at the ministry’s open day in Suva last Friday, Mr Bainimarama stressed that preparation could help prevent and minimise damage and losses during a disaster. He said the open day would educate people on what to do when disaster warnings were issued.

“Winston has taught us a lot of things and most importantly to listen, adhere to instructions and most importantly prepare better,” Mr Bainimarama said.

“We need to strengthen our co-ordination and preparedness to reduce risks and losses one way or the other.”

Mr Bainimarama urged members of the public to discuss disaster preparedness plans.

Five schools from the Suva area were also part of the open day.

The ministry handed out educational materials and conducted presentations for students on what to expect and what to do before a disaster strikes.

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