Digicel Fiji launches ‘All In’ package

Digicel Fiji CEO, Farid Mohammed. Picture: ABISHEK CHAND

A major telecommunications company has introduced a revolution yet affordable Dream Data Deal for its customers considering the impacts brought on Fijians because of Covid-19.

According to Digicel Fiji CEO Farid Mohammed, the company was a key driver in the revolution of the Fijian telecommunications landscape since its launch in 2008.

“Last night we unveiled Fiji’s first ever dream data deal, that gives our people a whopping 40GB data plus free Digicel calls and text for an unbeatable $10 for a month,” he said.

“Today Fiji will enjoy an all in approach that gives great value and better deals and Digicel has been continuously at the fore front of such innovations.

“We are doing it again with this data bundle that we have launched and with the journey that we have embarked on, on becoming the digital lifestyle partner of our customers in Fiji.

Mr Mohammed added data was important as everything was data driven in this digital age.

“We want to ensure that our people can freely browse, stream, download, access all the digital government portals without having to worry about how much it’s going cost me or do I have enough data.

“The all in 40GB for $10 is the first of its kind an LTE data plan which is affordable considering the situation that we are all in.

“I don’t need to repeat that COVID has had a significant impact on the lives of our people here and not just in Fiji but globally.

He said the company was ‘All In’ for Fiji as well as supporting the communities and people.

“We want to ensure that one of the essential services that is communication there are able to access at an affordable and reasonable price,” he said.


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