Difficulties mold Nizarat

Nizarat. Picture: SUPPLIED

I LEFT work for six months in order to focus fully on my studies while my wife held the fort and supported the family.

These were the sentiments of Nizarat (only known as) who graduated from the University of the South Pacific’s, Pacific TAFE in Professional Diploma in Business Management on Friday September 21, 2018.

Mr Nizarat acknowledged his wife Kalpana Nizarat for her sacrifice and support towards him and their 4-year-old baby boy Ayaan Nizarat.

The 32-year-old shared how it was difficult to earn a decent living after graduating from Fiji Institute of Technology with a Diploma in Electrical Engineering as he was only paid $1 an hour back in 2006.

Mr Nizarat said he continued working in the field for at least three years after which he decided he wanted to study literature and language at the Fiji National University.

He adds that he could not finish the course as it was lengthy and he could not juggle classes every day from 8am to 5pm with a normal job.

Mr Nizarat who is an Architectural Wrap for Kasabias Ltd highlighted that when he heard of Pacific TAFE he was interested in the Business Management program and the classes were more flexible with his work as it was only once a week after 5pm.

He adds that he appreciated the efforts of the lecturers in listening to the students ideas and understanding that they came from a working background.

Mr Nizarat was excited as he realized that the course was also internationally recognized and he wouldn’t have to go abroad to get qualification but could now continue with his Master’s.

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