Difference in assistance

Like everyone, my family home and that of my wife was badly damaged in Ba.

Among the many thousands of residents of Ba, my family suffered damage to our house, personal belongings and are surviving in a difficult situation.

While reading the newspapers, on social media and watching television, only the government officials, particularly the ministers are covered in handing out rations. I witnessed that first-hand and I was absolutely amazed at the scene. The elected representatives, in their government SUVs, were driving, windows up, followed by a contingent of media personal and government employees. Per one minister, there was a minimum of 15 other unproductive persons taking pictures, narrating what had happened and thanking them for attending to their plight. I feel that at this particular trying time, the emphasis should be on assessing damage, giving out rations and covering as many miles as possible.

Then I see a local van stop and out come a dozen people ready to assist.

They had cooked food, bread, rations, clothes and some were even so kind to give an opportunity for the affected people to make calls to their relatives.

But all these happened without the media presence, without photos and a genuine desire to assist.

These are the local religious organisations, women’s group and even some small business and kind individuals. And they were from as far as Suva, Nausori and Sigatoka. These are the real people, providing real assistance and seeking nothing in return.

I wish to acknowledge their assistance and thank them from the bottom of my heart for a job well done.

And then there was Dan Urai.

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