Dialysis treatment cost still high: Sivan

NFP candidates. Picture: JESSICA SAVIKE/fuile

THE National Federation Party 2018 general election candidate, Shanal Sivan says he is aware of the hardships people are facing and is ready to resolve them.

The former journalist said he had traveled places and an issue faced by many is the high cost of treatment for dialysis.

“One of the other issues that is very close to my heart are the dialysis patients and I have spoken about this many times when I was in the news and I’ve also made documentaries about this. There is a high cost of dialysis in our country.” He said.

Mr Sivan said that while the cost has been reduced lately, it is still too much for the patients.

“The government has reduced it from $250. A patients needs to have dialysis three times a week. It is still costing them more than $200. Now there are many Fijians in the country whose salary is not even $200 a week. Say for example they do have a salary of $200 a week, most of their salary will go towards dialysis treatment.” He added.

Apart from this, he said that the cost of living is too high and something needs to be done about this.

“You ask any person on the street if they are happy with their current $2.68 minimum wage rate, they will say no. Everyone wants an increase; everyone wants a better lifestyle and better standard of living so that is happening once we are in parliament. “he said.

Stay with us as we speak to more politicians leading up to the 2018 General Elections next month.

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