Diabetes in Fiji

A GOOGLE search will show a lot on the subject:

– Ranked second in the world in a high rate of deaths from diabetes (in 2016):

– Ranked highest in Top 10 causes of mortality:

– Nearly 800 amputations from diabetes complications last year:

– Diabetes Fiji says more people are getting diabetes:

– Three-year-old is youngest diabetes patient in Fiji: and

– Annual mortality chart on diabetes showing under 50 per 1000 deaths in 1990 gradually rising to under 200 (out of 1000) in 2016, etc.

Diabetes … The Ministry of Health gives basic information and data, and in the “How can I prevent?” section, it says: “you can prevent type 2 diabetes through adopting a healthy lifestyle, by changing your diet, increasing your level of physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight.

It suggests “eat healthy, exercise daily, stop smoking, lower or stop alcohol intake.”

Diabetes has become a major and monumental problem, and we do not know much about it.

I think it needs a proactive approach if we are to manage and hopefully reduce its effect. I would suggest the Health and Education ministries come up with, and include something on our metabolism in the school syllabus for primary schools.

What we learn from our early days stay with us forever. If we learn about it, if we are aware of things to do and things to avoid or eat in moderation, it will help us steer clear of such a problematic sickness.

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