Diabetes affects young people

THE average age of people living with diabetes is gradually decreasing from 30 to 20s, according to the Diabetes Care Unit.

Unit project manager, Viliame Qio said previously the average age for a person living with diabetes was 35, which had now reduced to 30 and the trend was showing a decrease.

“Before it was around 35 and now it has gone down to 30. We have recently identified cases coming down to 20s. Our youngest is 13, but the most common ones are those coming from 30s. Slowly we are seeing a trend that it is moving to 20 now,” he said.

Mr Qio attributed stress as one of the major factors alongside poor lifestyle for this.

He said often stress was not considered as a factor when in reality it played a big role.

“It’s the poor lifestyle that has attributed from poor eating habits, lack of physical activities and stress which is neglected by most. Stress is the biggest factor too and lack of constantly getting a routine medical check,” he said.

Mr Qio said in a lot of cases people were not aware of the signs and symptoms of diabetes and thus, presented late to the hospitals for checks.

“We are living in a society where people don’t know they are living with diabetes.

“They are also not aware of the signs and symptoms of diabetes. So when they usually present themselves to hospitals with signs or a wound that is not healing, it is usually at a late stage,” he said.

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